Hayden Fricke:
Organisational psychologist, speaker and wellbeing coach

Hayden Fricke is a respected organisational psychologist, coach and an expert in leadership, wellbeing and workplace culture who has devoted his career to unearthing the secrets of high-performance leadership.

As a qualified organisational psychologist and Global Managing Director of Melbourne-based organisational development consultancy Steople, Hayden has helped some of Australia’s biggest brands develop leaders, improve workplace culture and drive widespread behavioural change.

Wellbeing and leadership speaker

An engaging and inspirational speaker, Hayden is deeply motivated by his family’s experiences with mental illness, his own experience of extreme professional pressure and insights from his career as an organisational psychologist and business leader.

His keynote speeches, presentations and workshops are backed by scientific research and designed to help drive positive behaviour change, unlock higher performance and enhance wellbeing throughout your organisation.

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Leaders - Do you have
your sh*t together?

Hayden’s book, Leaders – Do you have your sh*t together?, is a no-nonsense guide for today’s leaders, who need to take care of their own wellbeing first and foremost before they can help their teams to do the same.

Hayden’s insights are backed by his many years of experience, and informed by the latest scientific research in the world of leadership and organisational psychology. 

The book is inspired by his life’s journey from the professional tennis circuit to the boardrooms of Australia’s biggest companies. Hayden shares groundbreaking learnings from his current work as a leadership consultant and lets you in for an intimate look at his personal pursuit for health, wellbeing and balance.

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“In my view, taking care of your own wellbeing has always been a crucial aspect of great leadership. However, until recently it has not been acknowledged nearly enough. I believe we need to call this out loudly and make it a key part of the way we all see successful leadership. Leadership needs to be about both performance AND wellbeing.”


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